37% of homeowners will suffer damages from a water loss. However every situation is unique and we understand that. Whether the water damage you are experiencing is caused by a burst pipe, overflowing toilet, leaking or broken water heater, heavy rain and storms, flooding, or a fire, WDR has the knowledge, experience and equipment to help. Water can damage many things in a home and rather than simply ‘Band-Aiding’ the situation, WDR will investigate, and take the time to make sure that all the damage is repaired, including plumbing, fixtures, drainage systems, walls, framing, floors and the list goes on. Once the water damage has been eliminated we look towards restoring your property to its pre-loss condition.

With any water loss situation it is imperative to act quickly. Immediate response is key to preventing further water damage, mold, health issues and the escalating costs associated with these. Our emergency response team is available 24/7 and ready to get to work within 1 hour of contact.

WDR is a licensed General Contractor as well as an IICRC Certified company giving us specialized knowledge and insight on the mitigation, restorative and reconstruction process. Our clients can trust in our skill and know that we handle all our projects with integrity and professionalism with clear and ongoing communication.